Requesting for Reviews

Don’t Request for Reviews

We know that good reviews can help to boost your business profile. However, we strongly urge you not to prompt or encourage your customers to leave good reviews. If you want to remain in good graces, do not ask for reviews.

Although our software is designed to highlight reviews from people who have experienced your services, our software actively endeavors to identify and NOT recommend any reviews encouraged by your business.

We believe that soliciting reviews, especially from users with good experiences, results in reviews that are biased and untrustworthy. prides itself on integrity and customer satisfaction, values that are violated by solicited reviews.

The best businesses on are those that perform their great services to customers without encouraging the customers to leave a review.

How to remain in good graces:

  • Do not ask anyone: friends, family members, customers, mailing list subscriber or anybody, to leave a review of your business
  • Do not add review collection to your staff’s duties. Asking your workers to compete to collect reviews is frowned upon.
  • Do not target customers with positive reviews in surveys.
  • Do not offer any form of incentives (discounts, freebies, etc.) to customers in exchange for reviews. This will hurt your business as customers will view this as highly suspicious.

The best way to have your customers leave positive reviews without goading them to is by providing a marvelous and unforgettable experience.


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