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Mieoko flat top brush

You need a perfect set or makeup brush to create a flawless definition, and nothing is better at this than Mieoko flat top brush.

Mieoko flat top brush is a perfect makeup brush for a perfect eye, lip, and face looks.

From medium to heavy coverage, this brush does not look caked on and will never leave your foundation jagged.

Top Quality

Enjoy Mieoko top quality and precise brush made from most exceptional quality synthetic Taklon bristles.

Double-crimpled aluminum ferrules and a bamboo handle. The brush is high quality; it never shed no matter how much you use them.

With Mieoko makeup brush, you get to enjoy the luxurious, high-quality tool that will allow you to effortlessly apply and define the contours of your face every single time so if you are looking for a perfect and necessary addition to your make up bag.

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The best part about this brush, it does not shed, and only sells for $24.

However, as part of our special American beauty association marketing promotion, you get to have a free Mieoko Kabuki Make up brush. Free makeup brushes come on a first come first serve basis, so don’t wait up.

Top rated

Nothing was spared when producing this luxury brush, so, you will be using the best at all times.

The brush among the top rated flat makes up brush on Amazon. It will put yourself back in control of your coverage, no caked-on layer of foundation.

With Mieoko top brush, nothing will stand between you and your application. You will have a perfect skill all day every day of the week.

What’s more? It works with all makeup, creams, liquid, powders, and minerals and will not soak up more than you need to apply.

It compact, but quite handy for on-the-go full coverage; whether its blemishes, ages spots or whatever skin irritation you may have, this is a perfect makeup brush.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a simple car mirror fix or a late afternoon pick me up.



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