How to Write Your First Review

What can I review on allows you to review the different businesses registered on the site. From Barbershops to hair salon and nail salons, we encourage you to leave your reviews on all the different businesses in our directory.

What can I include in my Review?

The best reviews on are personal and unbiased. Your review is important! It can help other potential customers determine if they should patronize a business.

To get started, ask yourself, “What details can I include that would help future customers like me?”

Here are some things you can include:

  • An experience that you enjoyed and will keep you coming back
  • An employee that did more than you even paid for
  • Tips on the best time to book an appointment, where to park, etc.
  • Why you will be using, or not using this business in the future

What should I not include in my review?

We want an honest, accurate, and unbiased account of your experience. You can personalize your experience, however, do not exaggerate or speculate.


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