Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

At, users are allowed and even encouraged to contribute different content. This content includes reviews, videos, messages, events, and so on. In this section, we review the guidelines that users must adhere to so as to avoid sanctions from us in one form or the other.

Inappropriate Content:

Users must remain civil in their contributions. We do not mind colorful language, but such language must be devoid of harassment, threats, insult, hate speech, obscenity, and other forms of intolerance.


Your content must be unbiased and contain no conflict of interest. You are actively discouraged from leaving reviews about your business, employer, friend’s or family’s businesses, rivals, and so on. You should also never solicit, in any form or guise, for reviews.


You must not in your content, divulge personal information about others. These include personal pictures, videos, and related materials. Every information, including full names, posted about another person must be done with the full consent of the other party.

Plagiarism and Intellectual Theft:

We believe you are a smart person; thus, we do not expect you to steal the intellectual property of others and present it as yours. Do not copy reviews or any media property.


Your content must be relevant to the discussion at hand. On a reviews page, we do not expect to find you ranting about your employer, spouting your conspiracy theories, propagating religious views and so on. You have dedicated sites on the internet for all that. is not one of those sites.

Sales Content:

We do not condone promotional content. Therefore, unless you are using your Business Account to edit your Business Page, we don’t want you spouting promotional content.

Asking for Payment:

Do not extort any business by asking for payment to post, edit, or remove reviews.


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